United Heavy Lift


United Heavy Lift is one of the leading providers of ocean transportation services for heavy lift, breakbulk, and project cargoes. Our services include chartering, cargo operations, project management, technical supervision, and engineering solutions for sophisticated marine transportation projects.

Our team of more than 120 highly-skilled employees secure smooth transportation and cargo operations from 12 offices around the globe.  

Our mission ist to ensure long-term business relationships through customer satisfaction.

As a privately-owned enterprise, we offer flexibility in the way we plan and execute the transportation of your cargo. Our goal is to foster an environment that allows our employees to think freely and creatively when solving transportation challenges. Thinking outside-the-box is more than just a business cliché at United Heavy Lift. We often approach challenges in new, innovative ways and conceptualize problems differently for the benefit of our customers. We are dedicated to finding the best possible solutions for your cargo and project shipping needs.

Our state-of-the art fleet consists of  the youngest and most environmentally-friendly vessels  in the heavy lift segment. As a member of the UNITED GROUP and part of the UnitedO7 office network, United Heavy Lift has access to a large and versatile fleet.

The strength of United Heavy Lift is also attributable to the engineering capabilities offered through its affiliate company United Engineering Solutions. Through the engineering arm of the UNITED GROUP, we have access to a team of over 50 naval architects, marine engineers, and port captains, who provide a range of engineering solutions to our clients. United Engineering Solutions offers heavy cargo and structural engineering, vessel modification, naval architecture, 3-D CAD animations, mobilization and supervision, transport consultancy and port captain services, among others, to ensures that each voyage is flawlessly planned and executed. Explore our sister company’s homepage to learn more.

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United Heavy Lift GmbH & Co. KG
Am Kaiserkai 69 | 20457 Hamburg | Germany
+49 40 3085424 00 | chartering@unitedheavylift.de

Am Kaiserkai 69   20457 Hamburg | Germany 

+49 40 308 5424 00 chartering@unitedheavylift.de


United Heavy Lift is committed to apply the highest level of health, safety, security, environmental, and quality standards to all transportation projects we are entrusted with. We encourage everyone to take part in this safety culture, which is based on clear and visible leadership.


We aim to become the leading partner for decarbonizing heavy ocean transport.

We are committed to delivering on our sustainability strategy and our commitment to take a central role in decarbonizing the heavy lift shipping sector and maintaining a satisfied and engaged team. We will continue to identify areas where we can make a positive impact on the environment and society and make sustainability an integral part of our work.