United Heavy Lift


Creating sophisticated ocean transportation solutions for heavy, complex, and oversized components represents the core of our business.

For years, components have been increasing in weight and size, creating a growing demand for vessels that are capable of handling and accommodating these kind of components. We operate the youngest MPP fleet in the industry with lifting capacities of up to 900 metric tons.

Over the years we have executed many projects in various sectors to global destinations. As we have a partnership approach, many of our projects are with long-term established clients who rely on our technical expertise, young and diverse fleet, strong financial background, reliability, and commitment.

We have successfully been catering to the needs of various industries and a vast variety of clients entrust us with handling their cargo. Whether you require a transportation solution for modules, renewable energy components, machinery, mining equipment or other industrial goods, we are dedicated to finding the best solutions for your shipping needs.


Tower sections, blades, and nacelles

Oil and Gas

HRSG modules, storage tanks, columns, fractionators, drums, refinery modules, reactors, loading arms, reels, carousels, and buoys
Floating cargo

Floating Cargo

Yachts, dredgers, ferries, pontoons, barges, tugs, and work boats

Power Generation

Generators, gas turbines, reactors, and power engines
Port infrastructure

Port Infrastructure

Fully assembled mobile harbor cranes, STS cranes, RTGs, straddle carriers, and ship loaders/unloaders

Breakbulk and Bulk

Bulk, big bags, ingots, bars, and any other large or small cargo items

Mining and Material Handling

Mining and drilling equipment, shuttle truss sections, transfer stations, stackers, and reclaimers