United Heavy Lift

Innovative, Economical, and Tailor-made engineering solutions

Engineering Solutions

The strength of United Heavy Lift is also attributable to the engineering capabilities offered through its affiliate company United Engineering Solutions. Through the engineering arm of the UNITED GROUP, we have access to a team of over 30 naval architects, marine engineers, and port captains, who provide a range of engineering solutions to our clients.

Together, United Heavy Lift and United Engineering Solutions offer logistics services and project management from a single source.

United Engineering Solutions offers heavy cargo and structural engineering, vessel modification, naval architecture, 3-D CAD animations, mobilisation and supervision, sea transport consultancy and port captain services, among others, to ensures that each voyage is flawlessly planned and executed. State-of-the-art hydrodynamic assessments, such as vessel motion response analysis, are performed as needed to provide a basis for seafastening and grillage design, as well as for fatigue assessments and related voyage planning.

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