Two additional F900x newbuildings ordered

Our vision is to become a leader in sustainability in the heavy lift industry

Andreas Rolner, Managing Director United Heavy Lift

Hamburg (May 16, 2022) – United Heavy Lift (UHL) has ordered two additional Eco-Lifter newbuildings, to be delivered in 2024. UHL is committed to apply the highest level of health, safety, security, environmental, and quality standards to all ocean transport projects we are entrusted with. This commitment goes hand in hand with UHL’s newly developed long-term ESG strategy: “One of our goals is to reduce emissions from our own operations and help our clients achieve their decarbonization goals. Sustainability is an integral part of how UHL operates. Key to this change is to build and maintain one of the most modern and fuel-efficient MPP heavy lift fleets in the market. We are phasing out all UHL 800 P-type vessels and replacing them with fuel-efficient modern tonnage. Our vision is to become a sustainability leader in the heavy lift industry.” says Andreas Rolner, managing director of United Heavy Lift.

Between 2019 and 2022, UHL took delivery of seventeen state-of-the-art F900 Eco-Lifters newbuildings, which are already raising the standard for eco-friendly breakbulk and heavy lift ocean transport. UHL operates one of the youngest and most fuel-efficient MPP heavy lift fleets on the market with lifting capacities of up to 900 mtons. With a fleet of over 20 vessels, UHL has relatively full order books the coming years.

“UHL has ordered two additional Eco-Lifter newbuildings.” Andreas Rolner adds. The new and enhanced F900x Eco-Lifter class features high- and low-pressure SCR catalysts to meet IMO Tier III requirements. With minimized CO2 emissions, the vessel class exceeds latest EEDI benchmarks.

UHL will be taking delivery of the two F900x Eco-Lifter newbuildings at the CSSC shipyard in Hudong, China in 2024.

Once the Eco-Lifter newbuilding program is completed, UHL will service its clients with a fleet of nineteen F900 and F900x Eco-Lifter vessels, representing the most modern, fuel-efficient, and homogeneous heavy lift fleet in the market. “The carbon footprint of the F900 and F900x class is 30-50% less compared to the existing heavy lift fleet in the market.” states Mr. Bonnesen, managing director of UHL.

Through the engineering arm of the UNITED GROUP, United Engineering Solutions GmbH, UHL has access to a team of over 30 naval architects, marine engineers, and port captains, who provide a range of sophisticated technical transport solutions. 

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